We’re 2 years old now

Posted 2 years ago

And here we are! It’s officially been 2 years since I since I fired up my recruitment software for the first time from my dingy basement in a house-share in Limehouse.

When I resigned and told my former Director that I was doing this in order to learn and grow, he asked me what I thought I would learn from sitting on my own in my bedroom all day.


Seriously, this experience has been transformational. I was the kid reading autobiographies of Richard Branson and selling pirate Eminem CV’s on the playground (sorry Marshall!) so it’s such a massive relief to finally be on the path I’ve always craved to explore; doing something for myself.

We’re now a cosy team of 4 people and we’re starting to develop our own culture; it’s all very exciting. The biggest surprise for me has been some of the high-profile clients we’ve worked with – I really thought that part would be harder than it has been, so thank you for giving us a chance!

I feel I’ve generally always had a decent grasp of what it takes to succeed in recruitment (not that I’ve always effectively executed it!). My ethos has always been: treat candidates well and the rest will follow. This has worked remarkably well and I am determined for this to be our key differentiator (clients, please don’t feel unloved – this approach benefits you too, I promise).

That said, it has been hard: our candidate database is now pretty large and, truth be told, we’ve been understaffed for most of our existence. To make matters worse, I still can’t say “no” to business.

I didn’t want to grow too quickly and screw it all up, so I refrained from hiring until I was really, really sure. I was stretched and compromises were made – the very thing I’ve hung my hat on over the years, candidate care, was beginning to allude me…

The paranoia got too much and I decided to take action and hire. Enter Ed and Hannah.

With the extra hands we will embark on the process of getting this place ship-shape and will commit unwaveringly to our mission statement of treating you right.

In short, 2018 is exciting, and I can confirm, you can learn a bucket load flying solo – if you’re considering it, do it!

Thank you so much for your patience while we’ve experienced growing pains and for your ongoing support. I say this every time but I really cannot stress enough how grateful I am and how much I have enjoyed this journey.

WHAT’S NEXT? Sorry, I know this is going on a bit…

While writing this post I’ve again realised how much I enjoy writing blogs like these, and I actually have countless others that I have drafted only to sentence to a lifetime in “My Documents”.

Why? Because the comments section on LinkedIn is a hostile place (especially for a recruitment consultant) and it’s important to me personally that the content we deliver is actually useful/of interest for our audience – I find “The perfect CV” blogs incredibly jarring.

I’ve been recruiting HR for about 6 years now and, in that time, I have constructed some opinions on things such as: effective recruitment practice; common traits of successful HR professionals; interviewing red-flags to watch out for; and other such things.

The challenge we (and subsequently you) have is that we are perennially battling between telling you what you need to hear (which you won’t always like) and building rapport. I think we’re all guilty of sugar-coating messages and thereby blunting their impact from time to time.

But is this really helping you?

I’ve decided that I will publish my thoughts as and when the mood strikes (not too often so no need to block me yet) to share what we are seeing out going on out there, in the hope it will help you and create a stronger bond between us. I may risk offending some people but please do know that this comes from a place of wanting to do the right thing.

In “Business for Punks”, James Watt (Co-Founder of Brewdog) said: “Never be about trying to keep everyone happy. Delight in polarizing opinion; all iconoclasts do.” He goes on to say, “Trying to play it safe in today’s super-savvy inter-connected world is the biggest risk you’ll take.”

Well put James. You seem to know what you’re talking about (at least, you have good taste in beer) so let’s set about creating an identity for this upstart recruitment business.

On that note, coming soon: Tips on how to avoid being miss-sold a job opportunity in HR/Talent.

Thanks for reading, as always.

Kristian James – Founder