Brands We Love – HR Tech

Posted 4 months ago

Until recent years, HR was seen as something slow-moving, admin heavy and unprogressive. However, companies are now starting the realize the potential of a people-first business and new technology has been developed to enable HR functions to keep up with the growing demand for streamlining and innovation.

This new wave of tech has enabled payroll to become automated, recruitment processes to become more experience focussed and employee wellbeing to become a priority.

Perkbox was founded back in 2010, and in our eyes, are the OG of creating a simple, one-stop platform to enable businesses to create a positive employee experience. They recognised that a motivated workforce was a successful one, and in doing so kicked started the evolution of work-life balance to work-life integration.

So, who are the new kids on the block that Hawkwood think are pushing boundaries in this field now?


Spill is on a mission to put high-quality talk therapy in the pocket of every person on Earth.

Spill is a start-up founded by two school friends, Calvin Benton and Gavin Dhesi, that have created a message based therapy platform aimed at making employer’s take more responsibility for their workforce’s mental wellbeing. After an onboarding process, you are paired with a therapist who you’re free to message whenever suits you and discuss whatever you’d like. Your therapist will respond in two letter-like emails a week in response to your messages (and it’s worth mentioning that you can switch therapist at any time for free).

A number of studies have proven that there is little difference in results from online/text-based therapy relationships to face-to-face meetings, writing is considered therapeutic in itself and online communication not only allows space for reflection but a sense of security in distance felt by many in the digital age.

They have grown an ever-expanding team of (BACP or equivalent) qualified counsellors and have companies such as Monzo and Rightmove already investing in their employees’ wellbeing.

#1 Reason we love Spill? Therapy should be considered a preventative measure that is accessible to all.


The augmented writing platform‎

Textio is an award-winning start-up, that has created software used by businesses such as Expedia, Forbes, Slack, McDonalds and Pixar to assess their job descriptions for bias.

Through analysing millions of job adverts, Textio offers an augmented writing platform, that assists companies to use terminology more likely to attract candidates from a diverse background. So far, we’ve heard about a huge (up to 25%) increase in applicants by those using this AI technology, in particular, more women applying for tech and leadership roles, plus within that increase of candidates more are suitably qualified.

P.s. Textio Flow is about to be integrated with LinkedIn too.

#1 Reason we love Textio? Textio is paving the way for companies to strengthen their businesses through diversification.


The Business School for The Self-Made

Not quite a tech brand but given the huge push in soft skills, such as a drive for continuous learning, being considered just as (if not more) important as experience in the current job market, we couldn’t not mention the guys over at Jolt.

Jolt run classroom-based interactive sessions on topics such as Google Ads, how to provide effective feedback, email marketing and public speaking, all booked through their easy-to-use App. They bring a bunch of driven, ambitious, like-minded people together for stimulating sessions which double up as a great networking opportunity. The content is current, practical and especially helpful for people who are earlier in their career and keen to get exposure to lots of different areas.

#1 Reason we love Jolt? They’re running contemporary sessions equipping workers for successful careers in the current age.