Hoping I don’t jinx things…

Posted 3 years ago

6 months ago to this day a lifelong ambition of mine was realised, and I launched my own business for the first time. As well as being a milestone for this reason, it is also the date by which I forecasted that my savings would run out, and potentially, the day that I might have to shut up shop if things hadn’t worked out.

Today all of the worrying I endured from July 2015 (when I made the decision to do this) and March 2016 seems wildly unnecessary. I placed 3 people in to new roles in month one, and many more since. Then when Google contacted me last month to brief me on a role, I knew I was getting somewhere!

I am by no means out of the woods yet, but the early indications are that I should be able to make it on my own. If it fails from here it will likely be down to my own complacency or poor decision making, and nothing else.

So what the hell was I worrying about?

The truth is that while the last 6 months have been challenging, they have been nowhere near as tough as I thought they would be. Indeed, what they say really is true; the hardest part is making the decision to start.

The lifestyle I now enjoy, the satisfaction I get, and the sense of purpose I now feel, make all of the risk and uncertainty more than worth it.

Whatever it is that you do, if you harbour dreams of going it alone but are finding excuses to continue as you are, take action, as it is unlikely that someone else will make this happen for you.

Of course it won’t always work out, but if you are going in to a market that you know well there is every chance you will succeed. And if you don’t? I’m sure someone will employ you afterwards as any business can benefit from having people with true entrepreneurial spirit among their ranks – even if it is a bit battered and bruised!

Whether I can scale Hawkwood beyond a one-man-band operation remains to be seen, but even if I can’t: I’m earning more money than I was in my old job, go to the gym when I want, wear what I want, work with who I want, in the way that I want. On top of that, I’ve already learned so much, and that’s what this first endeavour in to entrepreneurship was really supposed to be all about.

Obviously none of this would have been possible without the incredible support of my network. I have been completely amazed by the lengths to which people have gone to help me get my business off of the ground. Huge thanks for every job you’ve briefed me on, for every candidate referral, for every LinkedIn update that you’ve “liked”, for every phone call you’ve returned, for every coffee that we’ve shared, and being part of what has been a life-changing 6 months for me.